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YUBA Cargo Bikes


YUBA Electric Bikes

Being in the industry for more than 15 years, YUBA has established a pristine reputation in producing mobility solutions that cater to everyone across the world. Their primary motivation is to help mitigate the deterioration of the environment by actively creating innovations that promote an adventurous and healthy lifestyle through mobility. 

The quality of each ride is also something YUBA takes pride in. The bikes they produce have a great feel and fit due to high-quality components with top-notch engineering. Their bikes are not just bikes as they strive hard enough to provide cargo solutions and are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. These are also electric bikes that minimize your contribution to carbon emissions. 

YUBA pioneer in high-quality design that aims to convert car users to bikers. They offer convenience and the ability to carry cargo–may it be a load or a family member–while offering the best value in the market. YUBA categorizes their bikes according to style. They have compact, full-sized, and front cargos. All of these serve a distinct purpose for all seeking the most compatible cargo bike for them. 

CLOUD eBikes carries the forefront bikes from YUBA. We proudly carry FastRack, Mundo, Spicy Curry, and Supercargo. To introduce some of their features, continue reading below.

The longtail models are full-sized cargo bikes that are capable of carrying 1-3 people and we call it the 2-wheeled minivan. Are you looking for a convenient way to send your kids to school or just enjoy the fresh air with them? Check out Mundo and Spicy Curry models. 

Supercargo bikes are front cargo that carries anything–the sky is the limit! The biker’s height can range from 5’3” to 6’5” and can carry 1-4 people. Most importantly, it is electric-powered. Purchase the add-ons that encourage fun and safe experiences for everyone.

FastRack is the newest e-bike model from YUBA. They are compact so it is ideal for those looking to save space. It can even be stored vertically! Hold on, FastRack is not just a space-saving bike, but also integrated with YUBA’s latest patented invention, the Dual Rack System. It can be arranged in 4 different styles–talk about versatility, right?

Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers