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NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

  • Battery: 48V 16Ah, 768Wh
  • Motor: DAS-Kit Brushless Rear Drive 500W
  • Tires: Height 27.5" / 29" | Width 2.25" 1 White Reflector
  • Display: Das-Kit C7 Advanced LCD Display


NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

  • Battery: 48V 13Ah, 624Wh
  • Motor: DAS-Kit Brushless Rear Drive 500W
  • Tires: Height 27.5" / 29" | Width 2.25" 1 White Reflector
  • Display: Das-Kit L7 LCD Display




NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike (Currently Sold Out)

  • Battery: 36V 13Ah, 468Wh
  • Motor: DAS-Kit Brushless Rear Drive 350W
  • Tires: Height 26" / 27.5" / 29" | Width 2.1"/2.25" | 1 White Reflector
  • Display: Das-Kit L6 Display



Mountain trails are rough, challenging, and a feat that is often challenged by age, fitness, and the components of your mountain bike. Instead of giving up on that expert trail or lacking behind on group rides take the leap of an electric mountain bike and become one of the thousand storytellers of your fun adventure and new experience. 

Why Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric mountain bikes do not take away the spirit of mountain bikes, that’s still in their name. eMTBs are a product of countless engineering hours that have brought mountain biking and trail riding this far and now adapts it with ride-friendly tech and rider comfort components to make climbs more accessible and downhill riding more fun. Almost all bike manufacturers now have the eMTB category, which makes it a question of which not why eMTBs.

Navigate Through The Buying Process

Mountain biking is a very ride-specific activity. The frame, weight, ergonomics, and geometry can significantly change your comfort and with the infusion of technology, you need to match the build with your riding style. How exactly do you find something specific to your needs? And how do you avoid the analysis paralysis that comes with better products and special offers? Here’s a simple process that can help you navigate the purchasing process in less than a few minutes.

"I want to mostly ride on light trails, gravel but need something that can push the boundaries"

Mountain bikes are all about specs, you can find the most technical build on our website, but is that really what you need? If you’re looking for something that is light, easy to handle, and will allow you to unlock more territory, you should be looking into our light eMTBs that are capable of conquering much more technical trails. 


NCM offers some of the best value-packed entry-level electric mountain bikes. In this category, they outshine competitors with the NCM Moscow which comes with a 500 W powerful motor capable of delivering more than light trail performance. It has a very compact cockpit, with everything within your palm’s reach, so you can control the LCD display, gears, and driving modes naturally. More than 60 customer reviews have averaged it a rating of 5/5 stars backed by Google reviews. 

If you’re a beginner strictly looking for something small and lightweight, NCM offers the Prague which has many of the features of Moscow but with a 350 small motor to remove weight, extra performance on single tracks, and comes in 3-wheel sizes for the perfect height and maneuvering 


"I want something for the trails, but also for the streets"


You’re not alone if you’re looking for a dual-purpose eMTB. The Himiway Zebra is an all-purpose electric mountain bike, that can be driven through the marsh, dirt tracks, gravel, and downhill descents. When in the mood for a pedal through town, the riding mode changes to a more comfortable, long-range cruiser-style bike. It has the aesthetic and finish of a comfortable urban bike, but remarkable mountain bike features like the 750 W motor that can plough through mud and rocky climbs. 

"I’m looking for a powerful electric mountain bike on a small budget"

For pure trail freaks, finding something on a tight budget is challenging. Best value for money is hard to get, but there are two electric mountain bikes that have started to sell at that price point. The NCM Moscow Plus comes with all the quality components from Shimano and Tek-Tro but stands out because of its size, large battery life, and a 500 W German-engineered motor. 

The second bike comes from Himiway, a fan favourite in Canada. The Himiway Cobra is the best budget deal for an electric mountain bike. With pure trail aesthetics, a patterned matte finish, and an impressive build it’s a hard deal to pass. It offers dual suspension and a 10-speed setting for a mid-tier budget. 

"I’m looking to get the most out of trails and reach new territory"

When trails become challenging, it’s hard not to use mechanical advantage. The Himiway Cobra Pro is an eMTB designed to take on rough terrain, and hard-to-reach areas and get the most out of technical trails. Steep climbs and sharp descends which previously were a spirit breaker can now be easily reached with a 1300 W of peak output from the mid-drive weather-sealed motor. The motor also applies power depending on the resistance and can be used only when you need it for those tough climbs, expanding your skills and keeping the traditional cycling spirit.

Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers