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Aventon Electric Bikes

With the mission to seek happiness through motion, JW Zhang started Aventon in 2013 with a fixed-gear bike, The Mataró. Aventon built its reputation as a trusted fixie manufacturer by forming a team to join cycling events, which propelled them toward fame and success. In 2018, Aventon transitioned to electric bikes and produced Pace 500, their first-ever electric bicycle. They continued to innovate and produce high-quality e-bikes from there on out and won the hearts of many.

Aventon categorizes their e-bikes as Commuter, Fat Tire / Off-Road, Folding, Cruise, Step-Through, Cargo, and Lightweight. Their bikes can reach a top speed of 20 to 28 mph with power ranging from 350 W to 750 W and can go up to 60 miles. On top of it, ALL their e-bikes received safety certification from TÜV Rheinland and have both pedal assist and throttle mode for propulsion.

Features of Aventon Electric Bikes

Torque Sensor

It is an intuitive sensor that reflects the effort of the biker in pedaling and returns better output with smoother control. Overall, having this helps the battery extend its life and increase traveled distance.

Backlit LCD Display

A display synced to your phone with information such as speed, pedal assist level, and battery. It also keeps you in touch with other Aventon users and can be charged using a hidden USB port.

Integrated Turn Signals

Most Aventon e-bikes have turn signals, unlike other e-bikes. A signal is an essential component that lets you communicate your intention to turn, adding safety to your ride.

Fenders & Rear Rack

Most e-bikes from Aventon have fenders that keep dirt out, and they usually come with a rear rack that elevates your transportation. The fenders also protect your rear rack from unwanted elements.

Front Suspension

An 80 mm suspension travel is also featured among Aventon e-bikes, making a comfortable ride

Hub Motor & Battery

All Aventon e-bikes have high-quality motors and sufficient batteries for quality rides.

Pedal Assist & Throttle

Aventon e-bikes have 4-level pedal assist and a throttle mode that allows the rider to travel with a lot less effort.

CLOUD eBikes proudly carries e-bikes from Aventon alongside other trustworthy brands. We are bringing their e-bikes closer to you anywhere in Canada. Enjoy a safe and smooth ride that can cater to your needs. Visit our store today and check out our selection of Aventon e-bikes to kickstart your journey with us!
Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers