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ET CYCLE F1000 Folding E-Bike

  • Battery: Das-Kit, B1M-4821H, 1008 Wh, with USB Port
  • Motor: Das-Kit, 48V 500W, max speed 35 Kph
  • Tire: CST, CTC06, 20" x 4.0"
  • Display: Das-Kit C7 Advanced, LCD Display

$2,499.00 $2,399.00


ET CYCLE F720 Folding E-Bike (pre-order)

  • Battery: Das-Kit, B1M-4815H, 720WH, with USB Port
  • Motor: Das-Kit, 48V 500W, max speed 35 Kph
  • Tire: CST, CTC06, 20" x 4.0"
  • Display: Das-Kit C7 Advanced, LCD Display

$1,999.00 $1,799.00

Folding electric bikes is the trend everyone wants to hop on. These compact riding companions are perfect for tight spaces, places with storage issues, and people looking to ride on the fly. Folding bikes get their name from the fact that they can be folded into a much smaller assembly, and have a smaller wheelbase and tires. 


Why You Should Consider Getting A Folding E-bike?


Folding e-bikes take a very small footprint when folded shut. This means easy storage under the office desk, inside the university campus, or in the trunk. This is also the reason many busy urban blocks and college campuses are sprawling with these bikes from shared reviews and experience. 


Even when open and ready to be pedaled, these e-bikes are easy to handle, with 20” tires and a smaller robust frame. The compact size also makes them lightweight and most frames have integrated handles to easily carry the bike when folded, up the stairs or into the car. 

Unmatched Power

The reason electric bikes have outgrown many bike categories is because of the speed that comes with a powerful motor. This makes pedaling a lot easier, especially with any extra weight and steep slopes. The motor gives the folding bike an extra dimension which increases the type of work you can do with folding bikes. 

Ease of Use

Folding e-bikes are feature-packed and the tech makes them very easy to use. It’s impressive how much technology manufacturers like Lankeleisi and E.T Cycle are able to integrate into the bike. The displays and controls on the handlebars make these bikes easy to use and extremely ergonomic.


Featured Brands


Lankeleisi might sound like a new name, but they have been in the e-bike business long before they were so common on the streets. The range of folding e-bikes offered by Lankeleisi differs from other bikes due to their rugged aesthetic. These folding e-bikes have the capability to become an all-purpose e-bike, for light off-road fun, a quick run around town, or full-fledged e-bikes. Their XT750 comes with a 1000 W motor, mostly seen on powerful mountain bikes, 27.5” tires, which are large for a folding bike, but these features are perfect for people looking for an all-rounding folding e-bike. For people with a smaller appetite, there’s the A6 which is a small, compact lightweight folding bike with a much smaller motor and 14” tires. 

E.T Cycle

E.T Cycle specializes in making folding bikes that are purely made for comfort, and pleasure and designed to complete your urban aesthetic. Their F720 and F1000 bikes can be a great addition to an urban lifestyle without compromising the weekend fun. They boast a powerful motor that is capable of the wild and 4” tires that can take you anywhere. Primarily, these bikes are for the practical person, with large towing power, a quick torque delivery system, and storage racks on the front and rear for backpacks or an extra laptop bag. Both bikes have removable batteries and can be folded flat for office and apartment life.


Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers