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Great Rides. Better Price 


Himiway Bikes Vancouver Canada

E-bikes have been around for a while and are a great way to escape traffic and rush through chock-full streets. However, riding them for a long time can get exhausting and the bulky battery packs do not offer a sleek look. Realizing this, Himiway bikes have come up with a well-needed solution for a more comfortable ride at a lesser price.


Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

Himiway e-bikes offer quality components packaged in a rugged exterior that combines the less boring style of bikes with unconventional methods of comfort for a relaxing ride to the office, parks, and through trails. The Fat Tire bikes use thick tires to absorb shocks and impacts when going over potholes and avoid sinking when riding in mud. What else? With sealed battery packs riding in light drizzle has never been an issue. The Cargo E-bike can pull heavy boxes and the 7-hour battery backs up your long-range travels. Safe to say, Himiway is a well-rounded brand that offers catered bikes for personalized needs. 


Where can I ride a Himiway bike?

With Himiway e-bikes you do not have to worry about the place. Simply grab your bike and start cruising on terrain where you previously struggled with conventional bikes. The Himiway e-bikes showcase a solid range with hefty tires that absorb shocks from obstacles like roots and sticks, so you have to rely less on suspensions. Himiway e-bikes also have dedicated models more catered towards specific terrain like their Cobra electric mountain bike with the widest e-bike tires in the US ousting any competition in ride stability.

Himiway Cobra Softail Electric Mountain Bike


Himiway Escape Pro Moped-Style

One of the best uses of fat tire e-bikes is cruising around hills and rough terrain, offering yourself an escape from the hustling city. The Himiway Escape comes in 7-speed options and paddle assist perfect for California hills. The upgraded Escape Pro offers more power and range with instant response from the motor.
Non-enthusiasts of e-bikes quickly develop a liking for the long-range Cruiser because of its easy-to-ride pedal assist and a practical bright LCD that supports phone charging while people ride to work! Another instant hit with new riders is stability at speeds up to 20 mph. The throttle is supported by an 840 Wh battery with easy returns and all components come with a 2-year warranty.

Himiway Cruiser Long Range E-bike




Why Himiway?

Himiway e-bikes have built a reputation as tough bikes ready for the challenges of the elements, terrain, and the rider. The most important factor is price and the e-bikes are moderately priced, offering more value for money. With Shimano parts, solid gear hub motors, and puncture-proof fat tires that do not sink in mud and sand, it offers tough competition to Rad Rover bikes that cannot be ignored. 

The Himiway community is one of the most connected and helpful communities. It is easy to find information, guides, and honest reviews about the bikes. On top of that, Himiway e-bikes have a long list of accessories that can be attached and switched between different models. From child seats to mirrors, Himiway is truly committed to the customer base and towards a greener planet.

Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers