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Eunorau Electric Bikes

The brand name EUNORAU is a portmanteau of Europe, North America, and Australia, which are three out of seven of the world’s continents. It also embodies the spirit of an electric bike with its simple, but brilliant logo. It resembles a bike frame with wheels and the battery's positive and negative poles.

The slogan, “Power Your Lifestyle,” reflects how much one can enjoy the pleasure of a very active lifestyle. They also take pride in their adaptability to change as the world increases their effort toward a more sustainable future. It encourages a fun and environmentally friendly experience for everyone. 

EUNORAU also offers a wide range of products that cater to every need. They are very proud of their high-quality e-bikes, kits, and accessories, which can be delivered straight to your home through their local partners in major continents.

Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers