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All our e-bikes come with an outstanding 1-year warranty on all electronic parts (including battery, motor, controller, display) and a 2-year warranty on the bike frame. This warranty is non-transferable and only applicable to the original owner of the eBike. 

Apart from manufacturing defects that could be present, parts that wear due to normal use (such as tires, brake pads, chains, etc.) are not included in the warranty but may be replaced on a case by case basis within the first 6 months. 

All outgoing bicycles are inspected before being delivered, but we recommend that you inspect your bicycle after receipt. Should you notice any damage, please photograph it and contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss the next steps with you.

If you notice any packaging and/or transport damage upon delivery, we ask you to have this confirmed in writing by the carrier upon delivery and to notify us immediately. We recommend that you keep the damaged packaging as evidence wherever possible.

eBike Return Policy

All returns must be initiated within 14 days.

A $150 return shipping fee applies, and it will be withheld from the total refund amount.

A 20% restocking fee will be withheld from the refund.

*When returning an eBike, the box must be sealed and unopened. All returns must be unused, and in the original packaging and condition in which they were received.

Changing the Size or Color of your NCM eBike Post Purchase

Changing the color or size of your bike can only be done if your order has yet to be shipped. If your order has not shipped, we will cancel/refund your order and a new order can be placed with the correct color or size.

*Please note, it is not possible for us to change the color or size of a bike order without canceling/refunding your original order and having a new one placed.

*It is also not possible for us to change the color or size if the bike is in transit - refusing the package due to color or size will be treated as a return and fees will apply.

*For your security, please keep in mind that we do not save any payment information. Your credit card data will have to be provided to us again for the new order.

Non-Returnable Items include, but are not limited to:


Used or visibly damaged equipment

Special Orders

Heavily used or otherwise damaged bikes. Please see our Warranty Exclusions below. 

To get your Return started

Please keep in mind that Clould eBikes will not replace any components or parts under this limited warranty without first receiving photos or a brief video of the damaged component or part in question.

1. Contact the Cloud Ebikes Customer Service Team by email at or by phone at (604) 728-8347. Our team will assist you and work with you on the problem with your ebike to identify potential simple fixes. If a Cloude Ebikes team member determines that a part must be replaced under this warranty, they will provide you with a set of instructions to return or recycle the affected part.

2. Please provide us with a clear and detailed description of the issue along with photos or video of the affected parts. We will not be able to provide any replacement parts without first seeing photos. If the damage/issue is hard to photograph, a video would work as well. If you are unable to provide us with either media, we will ask that you take the ebike to a bike shop that can diagnose and verify the parts in question. We would be happy to help you find a shop.

3. After you receive the replacement part, our team will also assist in determining how to replace or install the new part on your ebike without the risk of voiding the warranty. We encourage people to get to know their ebike, however, our team will determine if a part needs to be installed by a shop and we will require a copy of the receipt after the repair has been done. Cloud Ebikes is not responsible for any installation costs associated with the replacement of a warranty part unless clearly stated in writing.

Warranty Exclusions

The intent of this warranty is to ensure that the purchaser of any new eBike sold by Cloud Ebikes will receive a quality product, free of manufacturing flaws. This warranty should not be considered to be an insurance policy against any damage occurring after the products are received nor as explicit or implicit acceptance by Cloud Ebikes of responsibility for the consequences resulting from the failure of any products, parts, or components, irrespective of whether the failure itself is covered by this warranty.

• Cloud Ebikes' warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions from eBikes used commercially or ebikes that have been lent, leased, rented commercially, or used for any commercial purposes (delivery services, courier services, etc). The unlicensed commercial use of NCM bikes will result in a warranty voidance.

• ALL EBIKES AND BATTERIES REQUIRE A SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY. Cloud Ebikes will not cover or replace any eBike due to package theft. Once the tracking ID indicates that the eBike has been delivered and signed for, Cloud Ebikes is no longer responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Please contact your local PD.

• Cloud Ebikes will not process any warranty claims not made in accordance with the Warranty Claims Process.

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover eBikes with technical alterations that have been made without the approval of the manufacturer (i.e. using third-party batteries, chargers, etc) - Cloud Ebikes will not cover eBikes with alterations or additions of incompatible parts/components or non-original parts

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover damage to or failure of eBikes resulting from storing the bike improperly, inclement weather, or ordinary normal wear and tear.

• Cloud Ebikes is not responsible for the theft, robbery, vandalism, intentional damage, damage resulting from bumps and scrapes after eBike has been delivered to the buyer. - Cloud Ebikes is not responsible and will not cover Incidental/consequential damage or injury. Please refer to the owner's manual. Cloud Ebikes strongly recommends a complete tune-up and safety check to be performed by a bike professional prior to your first ride.

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover damage caused by improper transport. Damage resulting from loading an NCM bike above the maximum weight recommendation ~ 275lbs including the weight of the eBike, transporting the bike utilizing a car rack not meant to support the added weight, or failure to secure the bike or any of its components will not be covered by the warranty.

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover damage resulting from improper maintenance (e.g., storing a battery fully discharged over the winter, storing the eBike outdoors, not servicing the eBike in regular intervals). Please refer to your owner's manual or visit your local bike shop to establish a servicing schedule.

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover damage resulting from any electrical component that has been opened, altered, partially disassembled, or completely disassembled by the buyer or a third-party shop without Cloud Ebikes’ knowledge

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover assembly or disassembly in a manner not authorized or suggested by Cloud Ebikes. Repairs attempted by anyone not authorized that result in damage to the components will not be covered by the warranty.

• Cloud Ebikes will not cover damage due to improper adjustment of components or damage resulting from worn components, negligence, or improper servicing of an NCM bike.

• Cloud Ebikes is not responsible nor will cover damage resulting from an accident or crash.

• Damage caused by high-pressure spraying/improper cleaning of any electrical or mechanical components will not be covered by Cloud Ebikes.

• Cloud Ebikes will not pay for any third-party service or part replacement unless agreed upon prior to the fix. • Cloud Ebikes will not cover any damage caused using a third-party battery charger.

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