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Fire Prevention of Lithium-ion E-bike Batteries

Fire Prevention of Lithium-ion E-bike Batteries

With all the electric bikes produced almost all of them are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have High energy density which can store high amounts of energy without being too heavy or bulky. The great thing about these batteries is that they have a short amount of time to be fully charged and their discharge rate is much slower which means they tend to be used for much longer. Just like yin-yang these advantages also have disadvantages like causing fire and battery explosion. Good thing Cloud eBikes only sell high-quality batteries! Check them out here.

Majority of battery fires are caused when charging. That’s why we need to be careful when charging these batteries. 

  • Always keep the battery in-sight when charging or charge in well-ventilated areas. 
  • Don’t place them near high-temperature sources such as heater or any flammable materials, keep a fire extinguisher close by for safety. 
  • Don’t use other chargers that are not original or if it’s not manufacturer-suggested charger. 
  • Always charge in normal mean temperatures and not in sub-zero temperatures as it may cause dendrite growth on the Lithium-ion cells leading to short circuits. 
  • Always keep in mind when you’re charging your batteries better if you set an alarm to prevent overcharging.

If these batteries were damaged or overheated, the energy inside can ignite and the chemicals caused by fire cannot be extinguished with water. Lithium-ion batteries are classified as Class B fires and can be extinguished by Class B fire extinguishers due to batteries containing flammable liquids or liquid electrolytes.


This article’s intention is to help e-bike owners minimize the risk and possible hazards. Lithium-ion batteries are safe for e-bike owners if used properly. Just like every other device, improper management can damage the product or increases the chance of damaging the battery. And these batteries have safety charging practices, inappropriate treatment may lead to fire incidents.

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