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Cargo Area Accessories for R&M Load4 60 Cargo eBike



There are 2 options for Cargo Area Accessories for  R&M Load4 60 Cargo eBike

  1. Glove compartment: The glove box built into the cargo area provides space for smaller items. When open, the flap of the box can be locked to create a luggage compartment in which bags or shopping will not move around when you’re riding. A spray guard below the glove box keeps your shoes dry when you’re riding.
  2. Two child seats with footwell: Two comfortable height-adjustable child seats with adjustable sitting and sleeping positions for two children. The seats can also be fitted individually and centrally. Padded 5-point belts guarantee excellent safety for your children, while the footwell provides plenty of comfort. The lid of the footwell can be fixed in a half-open position so that a cargo compartment is created in which bags or shopping cannot slide during travel, while there is still enough room for the kid's feet. If no kids are riding along, the footwell can be completely closed and used as a glove compartment. Equipment available only in conjunction with side walls. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using.


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