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Riese & Muller


Riese & Müller Electric Bikes

Riese & Müller was founded in 1993 by two mechanical engineering friends, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. Even in their early days, they have worked together towards innovation by developing various bikes catering to every need. Moving forward, Riese & Müller have continued these efforts in creating the future in mobility by producing state-of-the-art e-bikes for commuting, sports, and leisure delivered by their dedicated team of engineers with impeccable craftsmanship.

Riese & Müller e-bikes offer lightweight design, connection, cutting-edge technology, and even cargo business solutions. One of the things we admire about R&M’s line is their intricately designed Technology in various forms such as Control Technology, Dual Battery Option, Various Gears, Bosch Drive System, and Carbon Belt Drive.

Riese & Müller Technology

E-bikes from Riese & Müller perform specifically by design, which is only possible through innovative engineering and adapting superior Technology–developed in-house and acquired from reputable brands.

Control Technology

Control technology is a top-class innovation that Riese & Müller has developed throughout the years. It is a high-quality suspension offering good traction between the tires and the ground, even with high speed and harsh terrain.


DualBattery Option

We owe the 1500 Wh increase in battery capacity to the parallel battery featuring Bosch DualBattery Technology that Riese & Müller has been using since then. The e-bike sources energy by alternating one battery to another – and not simultaneously – ensuring the e-bike can cover a lengthier range.


Riese & Müller bikes have a wide range of high-quality gears that can deliver efficient transmission. Riese & Müller has Shimano Deore and Cues for derailleur gear, while Enviolo 380, Enviolo Automatiq, Shimano Alfine and Nexus, and Electronic Rohloff E-14 are hub gear.


Bosch Drive System

Riese & Müller takes pride in the standard they hold their e-bikes with. Their e-bikes perform well, are reliable, and are a product of continuous innovation, which is possible through the Bosch Drive System – motor, batteries, and display.

Carbon Belt Drive

Riese & Müller equips their e-bikes with Gates carbon drive, which does not require maintenance as it does not need lubrication and does not rust, so it lasts longer.


CLOUD eBikes takes pride in carrying R&M e-bikes along with other high-quality brands. We are bringing their e-bikes closer to you anywhere in Canada. Enjoy a smooth ride with an e-bike tailored to your needs with top-class comfort. Visit our store today or check out our selection of R&M e-bikes to kickstart your journey with us!

Delivered Assembled to Lower Mainland Vancouver customers