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Ride an Electric Bike Safely

Ride an Electric Bike Safely

Innovators have been working on making e-bikes accessible to those with mobility issues, the elderly, car users, and those who are casually interested. As riders of e-bike increases, it must be a priority to disseminate as much information as possible regarding safety to avoid accidents. In the Netherlands, deaths of e-bike users ages 65 and above doubled between 2016 and 2017. Things like this are preventable if riders observe safety precautions. The growth in number reflects the growing market for e-bikes and probably contributes to more fatalities. Here are some safety guidelines you can practice to stay safe from injury.

Follow Traffic Rules

An e-bike can reach a top speed of 20 mph, and car users may not expect this speed from a two-wheeled vehicle that looks like a regular bike, which can escalate events and lead to accidents. It would also be safer to stay on designated bike lanes so other drivers can keep a safe distance from you. Additionally, you should wear safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, reflective accessories, etc.

Increase Road Visibility

It is not enough to follow road laws, so consider whether other drivers can apply safety measures around you. One of the things you could do so other drivers can perceive you is to enhance your visibility on the road. Ensure you have front, rear, brake lights, and reflectors. You can also improve your visibility by wearing something with a reflective aspect. You could also install a bell or a horn to notify drivers and pedestrians.

Monitor Your Speed

New users of e-bikes might be enjoying their speed and shifting to high-speed assist levels due to excitement. Any users must take their time in familiarizing each speed level. Once you learn how to use your speed wisely, you can drive through inlines, reach distances, ride through traffic, and use cargo.

Watch Your Brakes

Start understanding your brakes so you can personally calculate when to start using your brakes. Braking in an e-bike is crucial since high power is supplied even with the lowest pedal assist. To be able to follow traffic signs, you may need to start applying the brake early on.

Mounting and Dismounting

Some injuries were from getting on and off the bike because a mishandled heavy bike might fall on the rider. Gladly, there are bikes designed so the biker can comfortably mount and dismount the bike. So, if you have mobility issues, you can use an easy-to-mount and dismount bike called a Step-Through bike. CLOUD e-bikes have a wide selection of Step Through bikes among standard designs that you may view here:

Electric Bike is a Bike

An e-bike is a motor-powered vehicle, but it still looks like a bike, and any bike can experience crashes. In a survey conducted in 2018, only twenty percent have experienced crashing with the bike. Some could attest that these crashes are preventable by keeping road safety measures in mind.

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