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Test Ride: A Pre-Purchase Practice

Test Ride: A Pre-Purchase Practice

The smart thing to do before purchasing an electric bike is to decide which product to choose, but how? People used to buy new or second-hand products to know the ideal one. However, this method can be a total waste of time and money. Luckily, some e-bike stores, like CLOUD eBikes, offer test rides to give customers a first-hand experience. A test ride is a service offered by e-bikes, bikes, or motorcycle distributors so buyers can see which bike can cater to their needs. It guarantees that the customer gets their money’s worth. We offer this service at our Vancouver and Port Coquitlam locations. You can book now by calling us at (604) 728-8347.

What to look for during a test ride?

There are factors to consider during a test ride to ensure you can come up with an informed decision. Here are some of these factors:


An alternative is ideal for buyers weighing options based on cost, features, and preferences. A test ride helps put things into perspective since there are various models to choose from in physical stores.


Scrolling through online stores for your first or next e-bike can only give you enough information. E-bikes come in different configurations. For example, handlebars can be straight or curved. Choose one where your arms, shoulders, and wrists are relaxed. A bike can be step-over or step-through, and your ability to mount and dismount from it can be a factor in choosing which type to get. E-bikes are heavy for carrying a motor and battery, which can cause accidents just by getting on and off the bike. Various saddles are also available so you can choose the most comfortable ones. Test rides give an idea of which configuration provides comfort.


Your e-bike should meet your needs. The rider’s height and bike size are a compatibility issue. The manufacturer indicates this, but you might road-test the e-bike to check compatibility. Another compatibility issue is the type of e-bike that suits the often navigated terrain, steepness, and environment.


Seeing the e-bike in person gives a better picture compared to when it is on a small screen of your phone or computer. Products have descriptions containing specifications of the e-bike including electrical and mechanical capacities. E-bikes have an average power of 250 W to 750 W and can reach a speed of up to 32 mph. While the usual payload of the e-bike ranges between 100 kg to 130 kg. Getting to experience the e-bike in its full glory is the way to go. Test it on various conditions like carrying weight and driving at your ideal speed. Be creative to determine whether you have the perfect bike on your hands.

The E-Bike’s Performance

Test rides can determine some performance indicators including braking capacity, tire traction, and speed. Evaluating them before purchasing is crucial for any buyer. 

  1. Brake: A rider encounters obstacles on the road, so brakes are helpful. Testing the brake is something a rider should do before purchasing a vehicle.It can help the rider determine their preferred braking capacity.
  2. Traction: A tire with good traction holds onto a surface better. A tire with higher traction is ideal on slippery surfaces and a wider tire provides better grip. Checking for tire traction during a test ride is necessary to give a rider the riding experience and how confident you can be with the bike.
  3. Speed: One of the performance indicators of an e-bike is its speed. It separates an e-bike from a regular bike. Knowing your e-bike speed and how it fits your routine helps with the decision.

Money’s Worth

Most customers consider cost as a deciding factor. Some e-bikes can be more expensive than similar models from other brands. A test ride helps you compare similar models and come up with a decision. Consider getting a model with advanced features if budget is not an issue, and if budget is tighter, get a bike that can accommodate your needs and spend within your limit.

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