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What Sets Electric Bikes Apart?

What Sets Electric Bikes Apart?

Electric bikes are revolutionizing the cycling experience with advanced features, which sets them apart from conventional ones. E-bikes are just bikes with an electric driving system. Battery, motor, and propulsion systems are the main components of its electric driving system. 

In an e-bike, a motor converts electric power into mechanical power, making it responsible for propelling the crank. The main task of a battery is to determine how far the e-bike can go as it is the component fueling energy to the motor. Meanwhile, the propulsion system of an e-bike comes into two--throttle and pedal assist. A throttle is a mechanism found within the handlebar, which engages the motor and provides the indicated amount of power.

On the other hand, a pedal assist is a feature where the rider can put minimal effort into pedaling. Other than them, components of a traditional bike such as frame, wheels, brakes, pedals, and handlebar are in e-bikes, too. 


Easy to Use and Convenient

The most obvious answer to the question, "What sets e-bikes apart from conventional bikes?" Is that they use an electric motor and batteries. The motor assists you in pedaling, making it easier to go around. It also makes e-bikes more accessible to users with lower physical capacities and those with mobility issues. They can navigate longer distances and cross obstacles such as inclined planes with less effort.


Adaptable Riding Options

An e-bike has riding options for cyclists using throttle mode and pedal assist. These control options enhance the riding experience as they can assist in maneuvering the bicycle on any payload and terrain. Additionally, it makes a bike compatible with any needs–commuting, fitness equipment, or off-road adventures.


Eco-Friendly Transportation

E-bikes are sustainable as it is an alternative to gas-powered vehicles. E-bikes produce less carbon footprint, making them the best conscious choice for a land vehicle. It can be a contribution towards minimizing carbon emissions. According to The Guardian, in every 1 km distance, an average of 249 grams of carbon dioxide is saved by switching to an e-bike from a car.


Innovative Technology

E-bike is a product of technological advancement with cutting-edge features such as GPS, high-tech display options, phone connectivity, fitness trackers, etc. Due to continuous efforts to innovate, we can expect more features to come out later as e-bikes also grow in popularity worldwide.



The cost of e-bikes in the market nowadays may come in a wide range. However, most advanced and high-quality designs can be on the pricier side. This cost may seem expensive upfront, but they are efficient in the long run as they run without fuel and require less maintenance. In a nutshell, you can purchase ten e-bikes for the price of one car.


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