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Electric Bikes for All Women

Electric Bikes for All Women

There are a lot of electric bike models existing in the market today. It is somehow due to the rapid increase in effort to improve urbanization, just like in America. However, popularity of any activity is not enough to create an equal ground for men and women. Although more women are getting interested in cycling, it is still a male-dominated activity and the gap between the groups is quite large. 

Industry-wise, it is only practical for them to base their research and development on the existing market and rarely puts an effort to cater for the demographic that is less likely to purchase one. The existing data for standard bikes says that only 1 out of 4 riders is a woman and even if data for e-bikes is not readily available, we can infer that they mirror the results. E-bikes are also quite expensive and women may not see it as a priority.

Even among women, there is a large disparity in terms of age, athletic ability, and spending capacity. While in terms of psychology, women are more inclined to join an activity where they feel safe. So, those who have certain fears or experienced injuries may not feel as safe and will potentially refuse to ride an e-bike.

There are a lot of reasons a woman should use an e-bike, so educating them regarding electric bikes will lead them to reconsider. 


Health and wellness

Riding an e-bike is a low-impact activity that improves cardiovascular health and being active will help you reduce the chances of obesity. Specifically, women can benefit with its effectiveness in minimizing the symptoms of menstrual cramps. It also improves the mental health of the rider, which boosts confidence.


Useful for Fast-pacing Lifestyle

Modern women have been having a very busy lifestyle, may it be work, school, family, or just for everyday life. They have the option to travel short or long trips where they can save so much time. 


Socializing has been a thing especially since group rides are becoming a healthy activity for riders. A percentage of women cyclists said that the social aspect of e-bike rides gives a certain push for them to continue cycling.



Moms have the option to send their children to school everyday using an e-bike with a child seat. Some types of e-bikes offer child seats that are approved and regulated by the law, which ensures that your child is safe. Also, it is comfortable for women to wear dresses. There are e-bikes that have a step-through design, making it accessible for women and ideal for all ages. E-bikes also have lasting batteries that cater to some women’s personal preferences.


The Future of Women and E-bikes

The activity, itself, has been gender-neutral, but there is an unspoken boundary between men and women in this industry. Luckily, there are a lot of advocates that encourage women to join cycling. The continued efforts to extend awareness paves the way to a future where the disparity between genders in cycling is lowered by a mile.


To Women in Cycling, 

Thank you because representation matters. It is a delight to share the road with you. Everyone knows that you are trying your best to achieve a lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Keep pedalling towards a healthier, greener, and a more active you. We hope to foster a road that is safe enough so we can see more women enjoy cycling in the near future. 

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