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Commuting Tips with Electric Bike

Commuting Tips with Electric Bike

An electric bike (e-bike) has caught quite a crowd because it aids in commuting needs. Commuting is beneficial for improving your cardiovascular health through active pedalling. It is also good for the environment as it reduces the carbon footprint by switching from car rides to bicycle rides. Commuting with an e-bike is a conscious option when aiming to actively contribute to improving the environment. 

Types of Commuter Electric Bikes

  • Urban/City Bikes - This e-bike caters to the city and commute needs of riders. It works well on paved, flat roads. The design of the handlebar and seat is perfect for commuting instead of public land transportation or a car. It delivers you from point to point and works day and night.

NCM C7 Electric City Bike



  • Folding - A folding e-bike can be reduced in size when folded, allowing easy storage. With it, we are looking at revolutionary innovation in commuting. The rider can bring them even on long-distance commutes as they can be transported easily on trains or buses.



  • Off-Road - These bikes have high-powered motors and batteries that conquers all terrain and can climb steep trails with a lightweight design. Wheels are stable and adaptable to smooth and rough terrain. A long-lasting battery reaches more range and control.
Full Suspension Electric Bike Cobra/D7



  • Other High-End Types - They may include fat tire bikes and more advanced models, which may cost more than other types.


Here are some tips for commuting:

Plan Your Journey Ahead
Planning is an essential part of starting your journey. Plan your itinerary by checking the distance, weather, and type of terrain. It also makes you a proactive cyclist. It ensures you can reach your destination without compromising the ride.


Pack Smart
Bring essential items to avoid unnecessary problems. Get a high quality bag for both space and security. Packing correctly makes a lot of difference in the overall experience.


Have a High-Quality Lock
Protecting your e-bike should be a priority since bike theft increased over the years. Riders should invest in a high-quality lock and use it when stepping away from the bike.


Replenish Your Batteries
Prioritize charging the e-bike before commuting. Secure a fully charged battery to get the maximum range of the e-bike and reach your destination without interruption. Bringing an extra and a charger is also encouraged, if available.


Wear Proper Gear
To avoid injuries, cyclists should gear up to ensure safety. Wearing a helmet helps the rider steer clear of head injuries and reflective clothing increases your visibility on the road. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands from damage or extreme weather. Wear other gears, especially those that are required by local rules.


Learn and Follow the Traffic Rules
Know your local traffic rules to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Cyclists should obey traffic regulations and observe road conditions.


Stay Relaxed
Keeping a calm mind will help you become more mindful of your surroundings. Some ways to enjoy the ride include avoiding busy roads, staying on designated lanes, avoiding heavy foot traffic, and riding within allowable speed.


Keep Your Bike in Pristine Condition
To keep your e-bike in pristine condition, perform regular maintenance by cleaning the bike, checking the brakes, tightening bolts, lubricating the chains, and many more. If done correctly, the rider should be able to use their e-bikes without problems. The bike will also look better if it is clean and will lengthen its life. 


Go for Quality
You can never go wrong in investing in high-quality products. Investing in a reputable brand for your e-bike ensures you are well taken care of. These brands have spent enough money in research and development to produce reliable products to guarantee that the customers are getting their money’s worth. Having a good e-bike and gears can improve your commuting experience, and you might be able to contribute to a greener environment since these bikes tend to have a lower carbon footprint than subpar products.


Communicate with Other Drivers
Learn the hand signals so you can use them to communicate with other road users. Drivers of two-wheeled vehicles need to know the following hand signals:

Stopping or Slowing Down
Lower your left arm in a 90-degree while your palm facing backward.

Right Turn
Two ways to indicate a right turn are as follows:

  1. Extend your right arm towards the right direction. 
  2. Raise your left arm and make a 90-degree while your palm faces the right direction.

Left Turn
Extend your left arm towards the left direction.


Know Your Lane
It is ideal to know local laws about e-bikes because some areas do not allow them in bike lanes due to power and speed. Take advantage of it, so you can be at ease for your safety since the trail is free from obstacles.


Commuting with Electric Bike
Commuting has never been easy with e-bikes around the world. Commuting with an it is cost-efficient, eco-friendly, aids fitness, and is convenient. If you are interested in this type of bike, you may check out CLOUD eBikes’ selection of City or Commuting e-bikes

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