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ELECTRIC BIKE DAY: History, Celebration, and Recommendations

ELECTRIC BIKE DAY: History, Celebration, and Recommendations

May 30th is celebrated as electric bike day in some parts of the world. Some of us probably think that the story of electric bikes only started a decade ago due to it making a lot more noise over the past few years. Little did we know that its story goes way back, which only proves that e-bikes have stood the test of time. Let’s take a quick look through the electrifying journey of electric bikes. 


The first electric bike models in France were called the “Trouvé Tricycle”, Gustave Trouvé -used a British tricycle called a Starley Coventry Lever Tricycle as he wanted to conduct experiments on electric drive. This tricycle was produced in 1877-1878 that powers through a hand-lever. The Coventry factory upgraded to a modern rotary pedal drive in 1881. “Ayrton & Perry” launched their electric trike based on a Starley trike, which powered the huge front wheels via fixed roller chain and it doesn’t have any pedals.

Patent US552271, Ogden Bolton patented a battery powered bicycle in 1895. The hub motor was mounted inside the rear wheel and the battery was sitting inside the main triangle of the frame. This electric bike patent remains relevant today.


Patent US596272, Hosea W. Libbey patented the mid-drive motor in 1897. Having the motor separated from the wheels makes the motor rotate faster than the wheel, while the sprocket gearing increases as it multiplies the power density of the system. 



Patent US627066, John Schnepf patented in 1899 patented the “friction drive” that is coordinated with a shaft that powers a roller atop the rear tire. This is not the earliest introduction of a friction-driven motor, but this modern friction-driven motor proved to be effective.


In 1989, Sanyo switched lead-acid batteries to NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium), which was a great innovation at the time.

In 1990, Michael Kutter introduced the first Pedelec (Pedal-electric). It is now referred to as Pedal Assist System (PAS). The Pedal assist system causes the motor to assist the rider through pedalling. The first production models were sold for a Swiss company named Dolphin electric bike, but it failed.

Michael Kutter Pedelec

The production of e-bikes continues to arise in countries around the world. Thanks to the evolution of e-bikes, recovering patients with cardiac problems can greatly improve their mobility as they continue to use e-bike. 


As we celebrate this fun new holiday, it is important to know the importance of electric bikes to ourselves and our environment. Electric bike day shows awareness to each and every one the importance of physical activity in our daily lives, this mode of transportation is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles. By expressing e-bikes into our daily routine, not only we can lessen carbon emissions but also improve our health.

Smoke-free vehicles have introduced a great way to commute while being able to provide benefits to our environment. Electric vehicles such as electric bikes have brought awareness to everyone, the current state of air pollution and how we can lessen it. Switching to electric bikes not only contributes to the environmental concerns but it is also cost-efficient in the long run. With its compact size and the energy produced, electric bikes can sustain the future.

Studies have shown that engaging in physical activity such as riding an e-bike can improve focus, memory retention, sleep quality, and also improve your physical activity without being too tired and less strain on your muscles and joints.



  • Encourage others to get an E-bike as well 
    Speak up and discuss the positive effects of e-bikes to your friends and family or to your community. Bring up advocacies that may encourage people to switch to e-bikes, like adding up more bike lanes, bike parking, and bike safety.
  • Take a ride with your E-bike
    A great way to celebrate and enjoy this fun new holiday is of course to take a leisure ride with your E-bike, enjoy the thrill of going outdoors to appreciate nature and fresh air. 
  • Join a community ride
    National E-bike day is a great way to celebrate with the e-bike enthusiast community, in this way you get to share your riding experience with them and meet a lot of e-bike enthusiasts.
  • Use social media to appreciate e-bikes
    Social media is a form of mass media communication through the internet. Sharing your love for e-bikes on social media might also convince your audience to use e-bikes as part of their daily routine.
  • Explore new e-bike accessories
    This is the day to upgrade your e-bike parts and accessories, treat yourself with upgrades that make your ride safer and enjoyable. National E-bike day celebrates advancement and sustainability.



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