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The Ultimate Gift for Father’s Day

The Ultimate Gift for Father’s Day

Growing up, there was that one superhero we admired for having great strength and supernatural abilities, which they used to fight crime, protect the innocent, and save the world.

We learned at a young age that superheroes willingly sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They also wear these specially made clothes to hide their identity, making us create this mental image of our own superhero. For most of us, behind those disguises are our fathers, who showed strength beyond our whim and served as our role models. 

Fathers ensure our needs are always met, even when these efforts go unnoticed most of the time–just like our favorite superheroes. They are essentially our superheroes who instill bravery and motivation within the family by taking on important roles as providers and decision-makers of the household.

Every third Sunday of June serves as a commemoration of the hard work a father selflessly gives. It is a day to celebrate them for being our role models. As providers, fathers show their love by meeting the needs of their families. What if this year, it is us who’s going to gift them something special?

Now, it is not easy to pick gifts, especially for some of us who are usually at the receiving end of the relationship. Fathers are fairly simple and, for sure, they would appreciate anything if it’s from the bottom of our hearts. Potential gifts for fathers range from simple quality time to luxury items, any of which will be very much appreciated.

It is a good thing that we can now combine these ideal gifts into one in the form of electric bikes. Fathers are known for their curious and adventure-seeking nature. They are always out to learn new things and experience great things. Electric bikes can provide a unique way to spend quality time with their loved ones and it is always a luxury to stay physically fit. Cycling with an e-bike is a great way to maintain a healthy body with less fatigue. Dads will surely enjoy their leisure ride with their new best friend on the road.


Here on CLOUD eBikes, we have quite a selection of electric bikes that any father would find useful:

  • City or Commuting

This e-bike is recommended for those who often use city roads to run errands, commute to work, or just for regular use because it works well on paved, flat roads. The design of the seat and handlebar is perfect for a relaxing trip every father deserves. Check out our selection of e-bikes for City or Commuting.

Milano Plus via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page

  • Electric Mountain Bikes

If your father is into a more active lifestyle, they might enjoy an e-MTB. It is made up of a high-powered battery and motor that can conquer trails and terrain with a lightweight design. Wheels are stable and adaptable to smooth and rough terrain, with a long-lasting battery that reaches more range and control. It reflects how limitless a father can be. Check out our selection of e-MTB.

Himiway Cobra PRO via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page

  • Fat Tire e-bikes

Fat bikes are compatible with those who enjoys switching between adventure and leisure. True to its name, a fat bike uses fat tires, which create a better grip and cover larger surfaces than regular tires. Check out our selection of Fat Tire e-bikes.

ET Cycle T1000 via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page

  • Folding e-bikes

A folding e-bike can be reduced in size when folded, allowing easy storage. Some fathers utilize their means to keep an organized and efficient home, so giving them this e-bike is a great idea. Check out our selection of Folding types of e-bikes.

Lankeleisi X2000 via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page

  • Cargo e-bikes

An electric cargo bike offers high-capacity storage space, ready for cargo solutions. With the standard child seat, you can onboard your children for joyous family leisure rides. Check out our selection of Cargo types e-bikes.

Riese & Muller Transporter 2 65 via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page

  • Food Delivery

Delivery e-bikes are versatile in providing space using a bag that fits various products. It is also ideal for those who go on weekend trips with their loved ones.  Check out our selection of delivery types of e-bikes.

ET Cycle T720 via CLOUD eBikes Instagram page


If you’re planning to have a surprise gift on Father’s Day, consider buying them an e-bike as it helps them stay active, improves memory retention, cardiovascular health, sleep quality, and handles stress. Check out our e-bike selection here in CLOUD eBikes. You may also contact us if you need assistance and we’d be happy to help.

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